Practice Areas

Administrative Law

Litigation of unlimited jurisdiction and annulment of administrative proceedings against administrative sanctions before administrative courts and Council of State, objections against Public Procurement Agency’s decisions and settlement for disputes, objections against development and housing process and execution of juridical procedures.

Advertisement Law

Justification of advertisements, auditing of contents of such advertisements, solving disputes concerning copyright and avoiding unfair competition could be the examples for the services that Barlas Law Firm provides.

Arbitration Services

Our office takes part especially in resolution of disagreements resulting from international commercial transactions, in this sense we provide services such as participation to negotiations, submitting legal opinions.

Banking Law

Our office provides fulfillment of legal procedures concerning credit, leasing, mortgage agreements and all businesses to be transacted with banks, to its clients who demand service procurement regarding Turkish Banking Law which is a progressing field through innovated legislations.

Building and Commitment Law

Barlas Law Firm provides services for the solution of disputes concerning contractors, subcontractors and outsourced issues.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets Board is the authority that provides decisive and secure environment to capital markets as it protects benefits of investors (savers). We provide services to our investor clients concerning the legal modifications such as investment funds, public offerings and prohibition from executing transactions.

Competition Law

Barlas Law Firm offers compatible solutions to needs and expectations of our clients concerning the lawsuits of prevention of unfair competition, grating block exemptions, vertical and horizontal contracts and anti-dumping investigations.

Consumer Protection

Within the scope of legal regulations concerning Consumer Protection which has been developing particularly in recent years, our office enlightens our clients regarding the renovations and represents its clients before consumer courts.

Customs Law

International purchase and sale contracts, international manners of delivery and payment, international transportation, foreign currency operations of cost, export purchases and sales, investment incentive regime, settlement of disputes concerning customs duty, exemptions and all kinds of counseling services in the scope of Customs Law along with representation before administration of customs offices.

Franchising Services

We provide franchising, master franchising, sub franchising and other related contract services for companies as well as drafting and revising of such contracts of international franchise brand marks.

Energy Law

We provide consulting services especially regarding electricity, natural gas and oil market, energy arrangements and investments. We also submit legal opinions concerning energy law.

Environmental Law

Our firm provides services especially to companies that operate in chemical waste field regarding production issues that shall be executed in accordance with the Environmental legislation and its regulations and disputes relevant to Environmental Law.

Escrow and Trustee Services

Our Law Firm, under the Escrow capacity of Att. Burçin Barlas, provides every kind of escrow services for every type of transaction executed between the Buyer and the Seller such as real estate and/or movable purchase and acts as share depositor and/or Trustee during Mergers and/or Acquisitions projects.

European Union

Within the concept of the evolving Turkish law subject to accession process, our office provides various legal services to entities seeking for harmonization with EU regulations.

Execution and Enforcement Law

Initiation of enforcement proceedings before Enforcement Offices, lawsuits for cancellation of objection, lawsuits for the establishment of a negative fact, initiation of proceedings peculiar to bills of exchange, initiation of proceedings by Liquidation of Mortgage, to initiate enforcement proceedings by liquidation of pledge, prosecutions concerning related proceedings. Barlas Law Office provides legal services concerning the following issues; execution proceedings, denial of signature and debt, notice of bankruptcy, stay of bankruptcy, notice of composition, action for recovery of title, lien and denial of lien, contracts to get out of debt and refund of the money paid.

Foreign Investment

Our office provides consultancy of international standards, to its foreign clients concerning the investments, company establishments and all other kinds of commercial transactions that are performed in Turkey.

Government Relations

We provide services such as management of bureaucratic transactions, informing concerning administrative applications, submitting and proceeding of such applications

Health Law

We provide services regarding resolution of disagreements resulting from doctor-patient relationship, handling negligent and deliberate offense in respect of criminal law.

Insurance Law

Barlas Law Firm provides consultancy services concerning insurance law. Beyond these services health insurance, retirement insurance, accident insurance and all other insurance types are the services that are provided by our law firm.

Intellectual Property

We provide services for brand mark, patent, copyrights and industrial design subjects.

International Law

International Law takes an important role for resolving challenges that citizens or companies of foreign countries experience. Subjects such as determination of the approach to individuals’ or companies’ legal problems in order to resolve it, designation of the answer to which country’s law shall be applied, execution and acknowledgment of foreign decisions in Turkey compose international law area. We provide services to our clients concerning the scope of contracts signed by Turkey with other countries.

Internet Law

We provide services to our clients concerning internet publishing, electronic commerce, intellectual property, individual rights and resolution of disagreements resulting from internet issues.

Labor Law

Regulation of relations between employers and employees, preparation of labor contracts, settlement for disputes arising from employments and misemployments, litigations and disagreements regarding occupational accidents are some of the services that we provide to our clients within the scope of Labor Law.

Lease Financing

Our office provides services to its clients regarding leasing proceedings and applications and related follow-ups.

Litigation Services

Considering the rights and obligations peculiar to commercial companies are constantly being reformed along with the legislation amendments within the EU Adjustment Program, our office provides litigation services to its corporate clients concerning all kinds of disaccords such as liquidation, annulment of general meeting, shareholders’ liabilities, checks and bond litigations and labor litigations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tradition of M&A’s in Turkish corporate life is considerably new. Our office provides various legal services to local and international clients regarding their targeted acquisitions or mergers. Due diligence services for the subject entities, drafting and executing contracts, company resolutions and meetings, applications for clearances from Competition Authority and/or other relevant independent administrative authority or agencies, tax and financing structural planning could be listed among these services provided to our clients.


Barlas Law Firm advises international investors, financial advisers and Turkish government agencies on major privatization projects in Turkey including all areas. Barlas Law Firm has a team equipped to advise on all aspects of privatization transactions, from structuring due diligence to closing.

Real Estate Law

We provide solutions for conflicts concerning annulment of land registry, registration and remuneration suits, mortgage establishment, and liquidation of mortgage as well as disputes regarding beneficial ownership, rights of access, real rights. We also furnish services to our clients in the following subjects; construction in return for flat contracts, contractual disputes of lease and penalty clauses, construction servitude and condominium, title annulment and registration suits, mortgage controversies and expropriation litigations.

Sports Law

Barlas Law Firm provides services with strict client confidentiality in finding solutions to the problems of individuals and legal entities, public and private persons. Some of these services are; regulation of social security and labor law through aspects of sportive activities and relations, intensity in sports, doping, resolution of issues which are in the scope of criminal law, sportsmen’s rights and obligations etc.

Tax Controversy and Litigation

Our office provides services to our clients in all tax conflicts and litigations of tax legislation such as disagreements concerning income tax and corporation taxes, revocatory actions, tax exemption.

Telecommunication Law

Our office provides support to its clients in all kinds of possible legal problems and disputes in telecommunication area which is expeditiously developing and also provides counseling for numerous subjects such as internet law, software license, and copyrights.

Wills and Estates

Our office processes its clients’ legal transactions such as arrangement of wills, inheritance transactions, estate actions, preparation of inheritance contracts, and refusal of inheritance.