The condition to purchase 1.000.000 USD worth property to acquire Turkish citizenship has been decreased to 250.000 USD

In line with the amendment in the related regulation executed today, the condition of aqcuiring citizenship is decreased from 1.000.000 USD worth property to 250.000 USD […]

Essential Points related to Construction of Pardon

In our country, the problems that arise from the buildings without license and constructed unlawfully were a current issue for many years. Finally the construction of peace has come which was an opportunity to end the dispute between the citizens and the state. Review of applications for the construction of peace (remission for construction) will continue until the date of 31 October 2018. So what is the construction of peace and who can benefit from it?

Leading Case For Individuals Who Own 2b Land

A leading case has just been finalized regarding 2B land type in Istanbul. A businessman has brought a lawsuit who owns a farm on 2B land. Accordingly, 5th Tax Court of Istanbul has ruled that individuals who owns 2B land and paying adequate pay shall be exempted of estate tax Such decision was approved by District Administrative Court of Istanbul.

Cancellation of the Law of Expropriation by the Supreme Court

Constitutional Court prevented to expropriated price was restricted for 5 years by zoning amendment of the real estate property which is non-paid expropriated price by zoning amendment and stringing out that restriction to the 2021.

Probation Period for Turkish and Foreign Employees (Expats)

Probation period is regulated in article 15th of Turkish Labor Law. It is regulated that there should be maximum 2 months of probation period in labor contracts.

Regulation of Organization of Personal Data Protection

At Official Journal, in the date of 07.04.2018, the firms which use personal data on the base were allowed for 2 year of orientation period by the time of publishing of Personal Data Protection Law. By 07.04.2018,