Dramatic Image of Power Distribution Station with Lightning Striking Electricity Towers

Regulation Regarding Amending The Regulation Of Production Of Electricity Without License In Electricity Market

Within the framework of the regarding regulation, the distance between network and the production plant will not be more than 5 km with air distance for the facilities with a maximum installed power of 0,499 MW, 6 km for project designing and 12 km with air distance for the facilities which installed power is between 0,5 MW to 1 MW.

Regulation Regarding Amending Of The Regulation Of Natural Gas Market Certificate

The Regulation Regarding Amending of the Regulation of Natural Gas Market Certificate has been published on 10.01.2018 by The Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Within the framework of this regulation, some changes were made regarding certificate application, right and obligations of the certificate holder, amendment, visa, renewal, termination and cancellation of the certificates.
St Kitts and Nevis

Second Passport with Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

Foreign investors, who decide to help Saint Kitts and Nevis recover after the disaster, can receive citizenship in the country under very favorable terms. They also have the right to include their dependent family members in their application.

Changes in the Regulation for LPG

Article 19/B titled “Implementation and Termination of the Managing Director Agreement” of the Regulation has been abolished. According to this amendment “mutual agreement” clause which is one of the termination terms of the agreement has been abolished. Article 8 titled “Recertification” of the Regulation has been revised.

Compulsory Mediation has been Officially Initiated

“The Labor Law” that regulates the competence, authority proceeding of labor courts and has brought the mediation application has published on the official gazette on 25.10.2017. Then labor courts can dismiss the cases which are filed without applying to the mediator.

Licensing in Electricity Market

The company that intends to receive license shall be a legal entity established as a joint stock or limited liability company. In case it is established as joint stock company, all of its shares, excluding the ones subject to stock exchange, shall be registered under related names. Such company shall receive one license for each activity and facility.