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3 Years of Postponement for the Workplaces that are subject to Occupational Safety

A postponement of 3 years from 2017 to 2020 for procurement of occupational safety specialist services and workplace physician services in establishments with less than 50 employees operating in low-risk class and public institutions.

Liabilities of the Shareholders upon Change of Company Kind

Although there is no debtor change in the type change, under certain circumstances it is possible that the rights of the creditors are adversely affected in spite of the type change. For this reason, as in the case of merger and division, Article 158 of the TCC has to be applied.

Supporting Fair Participations Abroad

The new dated communiqué issued in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers is the Declaration on the Support of Fair Participations to be held Abroad. The Ministry is empowered for removing, updating, applying the procedures and principles, withdrawing the support given or completely withdrawing it and making all factual and formal changes.

Acquisition of Property by Foreigners in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey has gained tremendous value over the last fifteen years and offers attractive opportunities for foreign investors. Many investors from Europe and America, especially from the Middle East countries, have turned these possibilities into opportunity.

Amendments in the Regulation of Oral and Dental Health

According to the amendment made in Article 7, if there is only one dentist in the clinics due to death or other reasons and an another partner dentist can not be found in 3 months, the clinic will be closed or converted to a medical consulting center.
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Development Readjustment Share (DRS) and Public Readjustment Share ( PRS)

Development Readjustment Share (DRS) is the share that is left to the administration up to an amount of 40% of the former surfaces of the readjusted lands and terrains, as a result of increase in value by readjustment.