Alterations Reg. the Annual Paid Leave

In accordance with the "Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Annual Paid Leave" published in the Official Gazette dated 18.08.2017 numbered 30158, a number of amendments were made in the Annual Paid Leave Regulation.

Practices of Labor Contract Termination by the Reasof of Underperformance in Reemployment Cases

By the business life very nature, employers expect from their employees to improve their performance and efficiency consistently. However, employees’ performances could be decreased by the reason that is not based upon the employee.

Mortgage Practice at Title Registry

In recent years in Turkey, the preferred collateral for the financing of immovable investments in banking applications is the immovable pledge, in other words, “mortgage”. The mortgage guarantee is to show the same house as collateral to the bank so that the consumer can create a loan guarantee for the house he/she wants to buy.
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3 Years of Postponement for the Workplaces that are subject to Occupational Safety

A postponement of 3 years from 2017 to 2020 for procurement of occupational safety specialist services and workplace physician services in establishments with less than 50 employees operating in low-risk class and public institutions.

Liabilities of the Shareholders upon Change of Company Kind

Although there is no debtor change in the type change, under certain circumstances it is possible that the rights of the creditors are adversely affected in spite of the type change. For this reason, as in the case of merger and division, Article 158 of the TCC has to be applied.

Supporting Fair Participations Abroad

The new dated communiqué issued in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers is the Declaration on the Support of Fair Participations to be held Abroad. The Ministry is empowered for removing, updating, applying the procedures and principles, withdrawing the support given or completely withdrawing it and making all factual and formal changes.